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3D games

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    3D gaming is soon set to move way beyond its current limited niche in the hardcore PC market, with console manufacturers and game developers increasingly eager to provide us with compelling interactive content to play on the slew of new TVs set to hit the shelves later this spring.

    CES 2010 was, in many ways, a festival of 3D television tech, with pretty much every major TV manufacturer unveiling its latest 3D HD TV models – many of which will see a commercial release later next month.

    The runaway successes of movies such as James Cameron's Avatar and Disney's UP have not only generated a much-welcome renewed interest in cinema-going, but they will also drive 3D TV sales when they arrive on Blu-ray later in 2010.

    Sky is also launching the world's first 3D television station in April which will drive consumer adoption further. Just like that imaginary game of Tetris 3D we dreamed of the other night, the pieces are starting to fall into place.

    But what of 'proper' 3D gaming in our lounges? Are we still stuck in that annoying catch-22 stalemate position, where publishers won't invest the extra cash and developers won't go the extra mile until a proven market (and that all-important return on investment) is in place?

    A brief history of 3D gaming

    There have been numerous attempts to take console and handheld and PC gaming into the third dimension in the last twenty years. Most have been quickly (and rightly) dismissed by consumers as little more than cheap headache-inducing gimmickry.

    "We didn't worry so much about the past efforts, such as Nintendo's Virtual Boy or things like that," says Dale H Maunu, an analyst at 3D and display tech research firm Insight Media.

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